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Oji Institute’s safety training program provides with the unmatched contribution towards the knowledge and maintenance of the public space. The core competency of our services is towards the attributes of Road Safety, home safety, and work safety.

Our professional approach towards the safety training programs involves highly trained and experienced driver support that helps the needs of our clients all the way. As diverse problems needs diverse solutions, we make it easier for the clients to choose from our services on the basis of their demands. It is the most effective approach both from our and the client’s perspective.

Core Team Members

How OJI was formed:

India is one of the busiest countries in the world when it comes to traffic. In 2017, the automobile industry in India became 4th largest amongst the fellow South Asian countries. With 5 million kilometers of road network in India, the chances of accident increases as it carries almost 90% of the traffic across the land and 60% of the goods.

A considerable lack of proper infrastructure of roads for vehicles in majority, especially in towns and tier-2 cities has led a surge in the road accidents.

This lack of vehicle infrastructure and also the lack of basic education of public space etiquette inspired us to take on the challenge. The Challenge to spread the word around the country that these accidents can be prevented and we at OJI Safety are willing to create a safe environment dedicated towards this prevention.

India’s young, productive population, aged 18-45 years, is involved in 70% of road accidents.

  • Provide adequate information about the basic safety equipment needed during driving a 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler vehicle.
  • Keep you updated with the news and events about the trending information regarding safety.

What Do We Do to Prevent Accidents?

  • Provide adequate information about maintenance of the vehicle, so that the lifeline of the vehicle impacts positively in the long run.
  • Provide coached courses to help you improve with the safety skills.





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