Life at OJI

OJI Safety is responsible for changing and saving lives of people, the work we do is challenging and ground breaking. Sharing the same vision is the backbone of our company and we thrive on it. A thriving culture needs a constructive feedback, so we all depend upon it for the continuous development in our approach.

Work culture

Here at OJI Safety, an employee can experience a 360 view of the organization. This view can be a valuable asset for a career development. You’ll be the part of an industry that improves lives of every citizen on a daily basis. You will be working with extraordinary talented team members that spark their experience in our company and make it diverse.

Career developement

We appreciate an open work culture, so new ideas are always welcome. From the beginning you will be assigned to responsibilities that will provide an on-the-job learning, such opportunity will help you build up expertise. With an all-round knowledge of operations, skill-building and a learning experience you will be ready to move ahead in your future career.