Basic women safety we need in the country

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 67 women are sexually assaulted in India every day. The term violence is recognized only if it is sexual violence.

Violence and discrimination can scar anyone’s lives and it certainly does for women and hold them back from playing a full part in the workplace, society and the economy.

There are certain things that can be done in order to acknowledge this issue and take action so that there is an ingrained thought process among citizens that women should be respected and feel safe in any situation.

Making this thought process ingrained at a very young age should be the first priority. Especially during the teenage years, if we can teach both boys and girls on how to stand up on for themselves regarding sexuality and relationships through various campaigns then many problems can be solved.

If we can change the gender stereotypes amongst the people of the country then a lot of problems can be solved quickly. Violence may be the result of stereotyped thinking about the gender roles. Where everyone thinks, “This is how a certain gender should act in a certain situation”. If we can start dismissing these stereotypes right from the early childhood, especially in the schools then it will only take a generation to erase such discrimination based on gender.

The basic women safety can be taken up in the country only if we teach and campaign around the aspects of it at an early age and also making laws stricter so that the victim can be thoroughly justified.

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